Hot Water, Steam & Solar Systems
High Capacity Water Heaters
  • Self-cleaning high capacity heat exchanger
  • Small kept storage capacity as hygienic solution, which saves space, guarantees less radiation losses and chugs the cold start
  • Microprocessed control with remote diagnostics and remote maintenance
  • All water-bearing parts are made of high class stainless steel
  • Anti-legionella-circuit
  • At factory pre-mounted and completely wired
  • Little required space, little weight
Kompakt Einbau-Wassererwärmer ESWW
  • Klein gehaltenes Speichervolumen (100 Liter oder 200 Liter) 
  • Hohe Warmwasserleistung (60 kW)
  • Platzsparend (31x31x230 cm)
  • Glas-, Spiegel-, Metall-, Stein- oder Holzverkleidung
  • Kein Druckverlust im Vergleich zu dezentralen Frischwassermodulen
  • Dezentrale punktuelle thermische Desinfektion möglich
  • Hohe Schüttleistungen
  • Energieeffizienzklasse A
  • Brandschutzklasse A
Electric Water Heaters
  • Flexible constructed high capacity water heater
  • Small kept storage capacity, which saves space and guarantees less radiation losses
  • Different control variants up to the microprocessed control with the possibility of visualization, remote diagnostics and remote maintenace
  • All water-bearing parts are made of highclass stainless steel
  • All used parts are "state-of-the-art" and at a international industrial standard niveau
Hot Water and Combination Tanks
  • Patented flat heating coils for big volume and high-speed flow capacities (97% of the tank content)
  • Optimized thermal stratification
  • High energy conversion efficiency with primary energy savings
  • Hygienic preparation of hot water
  • Highest quality and corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Innovative and flexible structural models and a requirement-oriented energy mix