Hot Water, Steam & Solar Systems


ECOTHERM is the technology and innovation leader for turnkey hot water, steam and solar systems in the Middle East. Our plants are mainly used in hotels, hospitals and industry. We combine all available energy sources such as gas, oil, electricity and renewable energy sources. The result is perfectly hygienic water or steam at all times.


ECOTHERM offers systems of highest quality and efficiency as a result of our unrivalled experience in over thousand in­stal­la­tio­ns in Eu­ro­pe, the Middle East, Asi­a, North Africa and in Central America. Each unit is specifically aligned to the customer’s individual requirements.


Our global commitment with locations in Dubai, Kuwait, Mexico, Hungary, India and further partners in more than 20 countries is the basis for our renowned premium customer service covering all project development issues. We offer the most extensive range of excellent services starting from advice and consulting, to planning, engineering, supervision and specialized training.


ECOTHERM develops, constructs and produces quality stainless steel products in Austria for hot water and steam systems. We produce standard storage tanks from 200 to 8,000 litres, and special tanks with a capacity of up to 30,000 litres. Our own manufacture provides automatic welding, robot welding and laser cutting and is also very well suited for developing small series and prototypes. The environment-friendly dip passivation facility with onward connected recirculation unit neutralizes all waste water.


We perform all the calculation, production and development work for the producing plant using a sophisticated heat exchanger design software which we developed ourselves. We make all the thermal and static calculations as required by the most stringent standards and make use of a fully implemented production planning system.






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