Hot Water, Steam & Solar Systems
Solar Process Heat

Solar process heat is the term given to the production and use of thermal solar energy in commercial and industrial production processes. The solar energy is transferred from collectors to the processes where it is needed in the form of hot water or heated air.

Commercial Solar Systems

ECOTHERM solar systems optimize achievement and consumption. Completely coordinated components deliver maximum profit and maximum operating safety. Our systems are consequently the best initial point if it's about the optimal use of the sun's energy.

Compact Systems

ECOTHERM Compact Solar Systems optimize achievement and consumption. Completely coordinated components deliver maximum profit and maximum operating safety. Therefore our systems are the best initial point if it is about optimal use of the sun's energy.

Thermosiphon Systems

The collecting surface absorbs solar energy and heats the liquid (water or antifreeze mixture) that circulates in the system. This liquid when heated becomes lighter and is directed to the water storage tank where it heats the water. The flow of the collector's liquid is accomplished naturally and not forced (thermosiphonic flow).

Convective movement of the liquid starts when liquid in the loop is heated, causing it to expand and become less dense, and thus more buoyant than the cooler liquid in the bottom of the loop. Convection moves the heated liquid upwards in the system as it is simultaneously replaced by cooler liquid returning by gravity.

Solar Cooling

The energy consumption for air conditioning is increasing. Due to the intensified use of glass facades, the rising cooling capacities do not only touch the Middle East, but also the northern regions with moderate climate. During summertime we have the highest solar irradiations and the highest demand of cooling energy. This is the perfect match for solar cooling. We use the excess solar yields as operating power for our absorption chillers and achieve therefore an enormous high solar system efficiency.

Solar Collectors

Because of a multiplicity of building thechniques, absorber-coating, solar glass coverages, connections and options for insulations ECOTHERM high capacity solar collectors can be individually planned according to our client's requirements.